Samples of blended whisky

You can compare old and new blends, you can taste whiskies from 100 years ago or try some special single malt whiskies (most of them aren't available in shops any more). 


How does it works?

  1. You can start with an empty gift box Kit which contains: 6 tubes+inlay+black presentation box+sealing sticker
  2. Make your choice in the different catagories (blend, malt) 
  3. You will see the price of each whisky in the left hand top corner (in the shopping basket)
  4. Choose 6 whiskies to fill the presentation box if you want one
  5. Go to "show cart" to pay and complete your order
  6. If you don't want to have a presentation box or 6 tubes, you will be charged only for the tubes you choose in "Build your own Kit".
  7. Every tube contains 25ml. of whisky
Red Hackle
€ 3,50 2
Vat 69
€ 3,50 2
€ 4,00 2