We celebrate our 10 year anniversary of Tasting Company and Rarewhiskysite. We have been producing nosing and tasting boxes with whisk(e)y and other spirits for many years. We deliver directly to consumers as well as we deliver through wholesalers in France and Germany. Lately we see that people in China are asking for our kits as well. So that is why we would like to share the opportunity to expand with a wholesaler in China. 


We are looking for:

Wholesalers in spirits in China.


What can we offer:

We offer a great variety of nosing and tasting boxes with spirits  you would like to sell to your customers.

We can offer old and exclusive whiskies in small numbers or more common ones if you would like that.


What do we want from you:

Commitment and knowledge of the exclusive spirits market in China with preferable a number of clients who would be interested in new and exclusive spirit products from Europe. We can offer small highly exclusive limited tasting boxes with very old spirits like whisky, rum, cognac, etc. Or probably later on also bottles. We also like you to have common knowledge of the excise procedures.


Our Product:

- Knowledge of and ownership of a number of very old & new spirits (more then 10 years of experience)

- Producing tasting boxes with glass tubes with 25ml of spirit

- Tasting boxes of 3, 5, 6, 12 or 24 tubes

- Boxes of cardboard or wood

- Measurements from approx. 16 x 16x 3cm for the 6 tubes box to 32 x 32 x 3cm for the 24 tubes box 

- Tasting box with two tasting glasses

- Customizing boxes to the need of our customers and country

- Very old, highly exclusive kits with surprising or great (no longer available) content.

- Specialties: Avents calendar, Blind tasting boxes

- if necessairy: website available (in English)



If you are interested and want to know more please contact Sijie Wang: mailadres, sijiewang220@hotmail.com

We are looking for....

a sales company/person in China who would like to sell our Nosing & Tasting Kits to their up market customers.


Why should you be interested?

We celebrate our 10 year anniversary and lately we see more and more people from China asking for our products. So that's why we think a company in China itself could even help more customers. Because the customers can then order for instance through a Chinese website with Chinese language.



What can we deliver

We can provide you with great, rare and/or old liquors (whisky, cognac, armagnac and liqueurs) in Tasting Kits. Most of the samples are limited, due to the limited availabiility of those bottles. We have kits with 5, 6, 12 or 24 tubes and kits with 4 tubes and two glasses. Every glass tasting tube contains 25 ml. of liquor. 

For example we can offer whisky kits with a selection of old whiskies from 1970 or earlier.


How we support you

Delivering unique and no longer available whisky or other liquors

Help with describing the content

Always looking for/buying of old bottles all over Europe

Standard nosing and tasting boxes in larger volumes

Very competitive prices 


If you want more information or want to know more please contact Sijie Wang at info@rarewhiskysite.com or sijiewang220@hotmail.com